Credentialing Policies and Procedures

For questions regarding credentialing through this organization, contact the committee chairperson, Rev. Lydia Evans, at

Currently AS-U credentials practitioners and ministers in the spiritual discipline of Religious Science through the requirements established by the Global Religious Science Ministries’ (GRSM) policies and procedures.

**In the future, it is expected that other spiritual disciplines will become affiliated with the AS-U organization and policies and procedures for credentialing professional members will be established for each discipline.

The following policies and procedures are established by the Alliance for Spiritual Understanding (AS-U) Board of Directors for individuals requesting

Religious Science licensing through GRSM.

This is a living document. (A living document is one that is not concrete but allows flexibility to make changes as requirements and circumstances of the organization change.)

For each certificate requested, an administrative fee of $5 will be payable to GRSM by the teacher/instructor and received by the treasurer.

All individuals requesting licensing through GRSM must meet the standards set forth by the organization. Having completed the required class study requirements does not grant automatic licensing.



A Religious Science Practitioner’s License is a license verifying that the individual meets all requirements set forth by GRSM and is considered qualified to practice Science of Mind principles in their practices with Spiritual Mind Treatment. After being granted this license, the Practitioner is also qualified to teach SOM I and II.


Licenses are renewable annually.

To be granted a license, the student will have successfully completed SOM I, II and III and meet all other requirements in effect at the time the student entered the program. A returning student must meet all requirements in effect at the time he or she resumes coursework. The student shall complete at least 60 in-class hours for each course and shall complete all requirements the teacher has requested for all additional class hours that were not attended during the class year.

An enrollment application to enter Practitioner studies shall be completed and given to the teacher, who will forward to the Credentialing Committee. All students requesting acceptance into the Practitioner’s program shall become Associate Members of AS-U and will actively participate on one of the Organization’s committees.


SOM I: An introduction to and study of Science of Mind/Religious Science Principles and background.

SOM II: Continuation of the study of Science of Mind and Religious Science principles plus exploring and studying the works of other new thought teachers and authors.

SOM III: At this point the student should be living the SOM/Religious Science Principles and be demonstrating their understanding of the practices by actively using Spiritual Mind Treatment for themselves and others. (Treatments and results are to be documented). The student continues to embody the understanding of cause and effect and explore modalities of healing. During this third year the student planning to request licensing will begin a relationship with the Board and become an Associate Member of the organization. Active participation in a local ministry/center is encouraged at this point in the process.



1. The student receives instructions and guidelines from the teacher/instructor on how to apply.

2. The student submits five (5) case studies to the teacher/instructor to review. Case studies will be prepared in the format designated by the Credentialing Committee.

a. Only two (2) of the case studies may be for self. At least three (3) of the case studies will be for other individuals or events and must be verified.

b. Case studies will provide the background history of the client

c. Case studies will identify and describe the root causes of the situation.

d. Case studies will include a detailed description of the treatment performed.

e. Case studies will include a brief, signed testimony stating the results.

f. Each case study requires the signature of the client. (When the case study is of self, the study must be signed by the individual’s teacher/instructor to validate the case).

3. When the teacher/instructor agrees that the student is ready to proceed, an application package will be prepared and submitted to the Credentialing Committee Chairperson. The package will contain the following information.

a. Five (5) copies of the selected five (5) case studies.

b. A letter from the teacher/instructor recommending that the candidate be granted a Practitioner’s License. (Letter should state why the teacher/instructor believes the candidate is qualified). Include the original and four (4) copies.

c. A post-dated check for $50.00. This is the licensing fee/membership fee to GRSM for one (1) year. Membership fees are due January of each year and must be paid in order to remain in good standing with the organization. (Fees will be prorated for candidates. The check will be returned if there is a delay in licensing for the current session).

d. Five (5) copies of the candidates SOM I and SOM II certificates.

4. The teacher/instructor will retain one (1) copy of the package that is submitted for his/her records.

5. To be interviewed by the Spring panel, packages must be received by the Credentialing Committee Chairperson no later than 1 May.

6. To be interviewed by the Fall panel, packages must be received by the Credentialing Committee Chairperson no later than 1 September..

7. Once the Credentialing Committee Chairperson receives the package:

a. A committee meeting will be arranged to review the package and to insure the information meets GRSM criteria.

b. The credentialing committee will make a recommendation to the Board to proceed with the panel interviews.

c. If the committee finds that the requirements are not met, the package will be returned to the teacher/instructor detailing why it has been returned.

d. The teacher/instructor will go over the returned package with the candidate, the changes will be made and the package resubmitted to the Credentialing Committee Chairperson.

e. If the teacher/instructor or candidate does not agree with the findings of the Credentialing Committee, they will notify the Chairperson of the committee and the Chairperson will then make arrangements for the Board to review the case and make a determination.



An enrollment application to enter Religious Science Ministerial studies under AS-U will be completed, given to the teacher and the teacher will forward to the Credentialing Committee. All students requesting acceptance into a Ministerial program will maintain an active Membership in AS-U and will actively participate on one of the organization’s committees in order to be eligible to apply for a Minister’s license through AS-U. All students enrolling in an AS-U ministerial program must meet the prerequisite requirement of the AS-U spiritual discipline under which they will be completing their ministerial studies. In the Religious Science discipline it is necessary for the applicant to have a valid Religious Science Practitioner’s License and be in good standing with the Organization.

The Religious Science Ministerial course is a two (2) year program.

Completing the course does not automatically grant a ministerial license to the student. To be granted a license, the student will have successfully met all requirements in effect at the time the student entered the Ministerial program. A returning student must meet all requirements in effect at the time he or she resumes coursework. Ministerial licenses are renewable annually.

MINISTERIAL COURSE PROGRAM (Religious Science): By the end of the second year of the Ministerial course program (fifth year of study), the student shall have completed 150 hours of in-class ministerial study, be a practicing Religious Science Practitioner, and be a member in good standing with AS-U. This program will cover:

1. A study of world religions.

2. A three (3) to five (5) page term paper on one of the religions studied.

3. A study of new thought leaders.

4. A three (3) to five (5) page term paper on one of the new thought leaders.

5. The student will begin keeping a log of pertinent information to be used in the development of an essay.

6. The student becomes familiar with spiritual counseling skills.

7. The student will complete and conduct practice ceremonies for a funeral, a christening, a wedding, and a house blessing.

8. The student will participate in public speaking opportunities.

9. The student will be actively involved in a local center/ministry through participation and volunteer work.

10. The student will expand his/her relationship with the AS-U Board of Directors.

11. The student will complete an essay according to the AS-U guidelines described below.

12. The student will actively explore the path his/her ministry may take.

13. The student will have completed 2 workshops on Organizational Management and Business Planning provided by AS-U Board.


ESSAY: The essay is a professional paper. It is to be prepared according to the American Psychological Association (APA) format. It will include 20 to 25 pages of text in the body, be typed in a 12 point font, be double-spaced, and have a minimum of five (5) research references. The theme of the essay will revolve around details of how the individual has used specific SOM principles in his/her life from the time he/she began classes to the present. Discussion will indicate how the individual knows the law works and provide evidence tied to reference work to convince the reader that it does. In addition, the essay must also include:

1. An abstract.

2. A table of contents.

3. A title page.

4. An introduction.

5. A summary that brings the essay to a conclusion.

6. A list of references.



1. The student presents the essay to the teacher/instructor.

2. The teacher/instructor reviews the essay to see if it is correctly done.

3. When the teacher/instructor feels the essay is correct, that the student has met all criteria and is ready to apply for a ministerial license, the student may proceed to prepare the application package.

4. The application package shall contain the following:

a. Five (5) copies of the essay

b. Five (5) copies of the two (2) term papers.

c. Five (5) copies of the Practitioner License and SOM IV and V certificates.

d. A post dated check for $75 to cover licensing fee and one (1) year membership in AS-U. (Dues are due in January each year.  The fee will be prorated based on whether the application is for the spring or fall panels. The check will be returned to the applicant if for some reason the licensing is delayed for that session).

e. A letter and four (4) copies of the letter from the teacher/instructor requesting that the applicant be considered for a Ministerial license and the reasons the teacher/instructor believes the candidate is ready.

f. An audiotape or videotape of a public talk given by the candidate.

g. A summary of SOM activities/functions the candidate has supported / participated in during the time enrolled in ministerial classes. Include a summary of the candidate’s activities/results as a SOM Practitioner.

h. The teacher/instructor will keep one (1) copy of the package for his/her records and mail one (1) copy of the entire package to the Board via the address for the Secretary of the Board. To be filed in GRSM files.

i. The teacher/instructor will submit the remaining copies of the package to the Chairperson of the Credentialing Committee. (May 1 for spring and  Sep 1 for fall)

j. Once the Chairperson receives the package the process will continue as in those described previously for the Practitioner’s licensing procedure.

(See 7a through 7e).


PANEL INTERVIEWS (Religious Science): Panel Interviews are “Rights of Passage” for individuals requesting Religious Science credentialing through AS-U. The following guidelines are for the selection of the panel and the conducting of panel interviews.

1. The panel shall consist of at least three (3) ministers. Practitioners will be taken into consideration if for some reason there are not enough ministers available the day of the interview and only one (1) practitioner per panel will be allowed.

2. There will be no pre-selection of panels. The Board will make every effort to insure that membership attendance for that day is as high as possible.

3. Teachers/instructors of applicants will be in attendance for the Board meeting but will not be allowed to serve on the panel for that individual.

4. The Credentialing Chairperson will serve as spokesperson or select another individual on the panel to serve in that position.

5. The spokesperson will draw one (1) of the names from those submitted.

6. Three (3) questions will be asked per panel member. A list of suggested questions will be supplied by the Credentialing Committee, but is not limited to the suggested question list.

7. The panel interview will be closed by the candidate giving an impromptu treatment. (Subject of treatment is assigned by the panel spokesperson.)

8. The panel interview will be conducted in a relaxed, non-threatening, nonjudgmental, safe atmosphere that provides support to the applicant.

9.  Graduation ceremonies are left to the discretion of the teacher/instructor. It is recommended that at least one Board member be present for remarks at the ceremonies when distance permits.


MINISTERIAL ORDINATION: Requesting procedures for ordination as a Religious Science Minister with AS-U are the following.

1. The Minister requesting ordination must be a member in good standing with AS-U. This means that the candidate has developed a relationship with the Board, dues are current, and the Minister has been donating to AS-U on a regular basis. (Regular basis is at least once per year.)

2.  The individual requesting ordination must have actively served on an AS-U committee or the board.

3. The Minister must have been actively working at their ministry for at least two (2) years.

4. The Minister will submit a letter requesting ordination by AS-U to the Chairperson of the Credentialing Committee.

5. Included with the letter will be an outline of how the Minister has proceeded with his/her ministry. The outline will include all activities the candidate has been involved in that are related to his/her ministry. A short explanation of the type of ministry the candidate is planning and what the candidate’s vision is for the ministry and intent/ideas for implementing the plans.

6. The Credentialing Committee will review the request and the information provided and then make a recommendation to the Board.

7. The Board will make a decision then notify the candidate of the decision.


THE ORDINATION CEREMONY: This is an important ceremony and reflects upon the character of AS-U. Therefore, AS-U sets the following standards for the Religious Science ministerial ordination ceremony:

1. The approved candidate will select the person from AS-U that he/she wishes to conduct the ceremony.

2. A formal ceremony will be planned and conducted. The approved candidate is responsible for all financial expenses for the ceremony and reception.

3. The approved candidate will plan the ceremony in a manner that is professional and yet takes into consideration his/her desires.

4. The plan will be presented to the Board for review prior to the formal announcement.

5. At least two (2) AS-U officials (this includes the one doing the ceremony) will attend the ceremony. If the distance is impractical for two (2) to attend then either the President or Vice President will attend.



The following procedures will be followed.

1. A professional licensed minister that is a member in good standing will serve as a sponsor and mentor to the individual requesting credentialing.

2. The individual must provide verifiable credentials from other organizations and a letter of request to the Chairperson of the Credentialing Committee.

3. The individual must have been active within AS-U for at least one (1) year.

4. The individual must be a member in good standing with AS-U.

5. The individual will submit a detailed vision statement of how his/her ministry is being used.

6. The Credentialing Committee will review the application and information provided and make a recommendation to the Board. (Requirements will be set by the committee on a case by case basis).

7. The Board will review the recommendations and provide the individual a detailed development plan that outlines requirements for that individual to be credentialed through AS-U.

8. When the individual clearly demonstrates that the individual/organization is in alignment with AS-U standards the process time can be advanced. The Board reserves the right to declare whether they approve or disapprove the request.

9. All individuals requesting ministerial or practitioner credentials will fulfill the requirements outlined previously in this document.



The following policies and procedures apply to those individuals who request professional membership with AS-U but have been ordained through another organization.

1. The individual will choose a sponsor from the AS-U Board.

2. The sponsor will send a letter of request and verifiable copies of the individual’s credentials to the chairperson of the credentialing committee.

3. The credentialing committee will review the package and develop an individualized plan based on the following:

a. The individual’s knowledge of Science of Mind or other spiritual discipline they will be ministering under.

b. The organization from which the individual received their credentials.

c. The actual curriculum that was covered.

d. The individual’s relationship with AS-U.

e. Whether the individual has supported AS-U events.

4. Once the individual has met the established plan requirements, the sponsor will submit another letter of request to the credentialing committee chairperson.

5. The credentialing committee will review the request and make a suggestion to the Board.

6. The sponsor will be notified of the decision.

7. Accepted applicants will be recognized at the next scheduled meeting of the Board.

8. In cases where the individual does not have one or more of the key trainings of AS-U’s spiritual disciplines (e.g., SOM Practitioner’s license*), the individual will be given one (1) year from the date of recognition to complete the key requirements (e.g., five (5) case studies for SOM Practitioner license).

*NOTE: A Practitioner’s license and membership in good standing are required in order for the individual to teach credentialed SOM I & II classes.