About Us

Global Religious Science Ministries is the culmination of the work of the late Dr. Robert Karle, who brought Science of Mind to the Washington, D.C. area in 1977. Anyone can apply as an Associate Member. However, those wishing to join our professional program must meet the criteria set forth in the Credentialing Policies and Procedures. To learn more about Dr. Karle, please see History under About Us.


Global Religious Science Ministries (GRSM) is an organization that recognizes there are many ways to express spirit and bring healing to the earth plane. We honor the Infinite Intelligence that cannot be contained within the narrow prescription of a single way. It is our privilege to support others who practice and honor this open, expansive way by being an organization that provides experienced leadership and professional guidance in the development of New Thought practices and ministries throughout the world.

GRSM Programs Include:

*Credentialed classes for: Religious Science Practitioner, Ministerial License, and Doctor of Divinity programs.

*Study groups to introduce and educate the public in the Science of Mind philosophy and spiritual mind treatment process (affirmative prayer).

*Accreditation for independent New Thought curricula.

*Ordination for qualified licensed ministers.

*Ongoing support for active ministers and practitioners: research support tools, professional development and support groups

*Strategic planning support

*Annual healing retreat and workshops for members

Religious Science, or Science of Mind, is the philosophy of Dr. Ernest Holmes, and is based on all wisdom expressed through religion, science, and philosophy. It teaches that our lives are reflections of our creative thought, and we can make positive changes through right thinking and affirmative prayer (spiritual mind treatment). It is non-denominational.


Global Religious Science Ministries is in the process of expanding our organization to include support of New Thought and interfaith, practitioners, and personal ministries that are in alignment with our guiding principles.


*We allow our teachers great flexibility in designing their own classes and selection of teaching material to fit the needs of each class.

*We have a diverse group of members with knowledge, skills and abilities that you can use as a resource. Many members have over 25 years of experience in the Religious Science field.

*We provide development opportunities for those desiring to learn more about the business part of running a center, business or church.

*Our yearly membership fees are reasonable and we do not require you to pay us a percentage of your income from class fees, nor do we set the fees you charge for your classes and services.

If you are looking for an organization that is open at the top and can supply you with many years of knowledge, contact one of our board members and they will guide you in the right direction.

Until then: “May your life and ministry and/or practice be blessed with the unconditional love of the universal mind as it expresses through you and your students, clients, family and friends. Life is good and love is life. And so it is!”